Amazon Kindle 2 is “Green” in more ways than one!

Posted on April 24, 2009

accounting-dollar-signAmazon just posted their revenue sales results with an increased quarterly profit of 24%. The sales of their Kindle 2 ebook reader was also mentioned as “exceeding expectations”. Reports of 300,000 units sold have been reported from various sources and is an impressive feat, even for Amazon.

While the earnings report and investor call didn’t get into specific details, it is obvious that the future of online distribution of books is going to be green in profit. During the earnings call, Jeff Bezos did give a little insight into the direction the Kindle devices…

Sandeep Aggarwal – Collins Stewart
Obviously Kindle both generation one and generation two of Kindle did very well. Any plan to unleash the computing power of Kindle and let it compete with uniform factors like Net book which are gaining traction now?

Jeffrey Bezos
We're really focused on purposeful reading devices and so we wouldn't talk anyway about what we might do in the future, but I can tell you that we're really focused on devices with electronic displays that are purpose built for reading.

Kindle 2 really is a terrific long form reading device and we think reading is an important enough activity that it deserves a purpose built device and that's really a sweet spot for us.


So here are a few questions that I would like answered:

  • Now with the addition of the Kindle app for iPhone and iPod Touch, how many additional ebooks are being sold?
  • What is the timeframe for rolling out the Kindle 2 Internationally?
  • What is the average net revenue for Amazon per eBook sold and how many ebooks were sold during the last quarter?

The ability to buy a book in a few seconds and receive it within a minute surely adds to Amazon’s bottom line with today’s “Got to have it Now” society. I think Amazon could drop the price of the Kindle 2 by $100 and easily make up the difference by the sale of more units and ebook purchases.

So what are your thoughts? Please post a comment.

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