Amazon Kindle DX already sold out!

Posted on June 13, 2009

So it has only been 3 days since the Amazon Kindle DX was officially released and they are already sold out! The month of pre-ordering has also helped add to the demand but I am sure Amazon is quite happy with the sales numbers thus far. The status on their website shows that the Kindle DX will be back in stock within a week.


Amazon has been pretty good about fulfilling orders quickly and they have a good habit of "under promise and over deliver". Order a Kindle DX today and I am sure you will get it within two weeks.

Amazon Rumor Mill:

It's no secret that Amazon has marketed the Kindle DX as the "digital text book" for college students. A few weeks back they created a new website to review your kindle book highlights and notes.

Now there is talk about Amazon opening up a new Kindle Bookstore specifically for school textbooks (maybe in July). This makes sense since most college books are very expensive and weigh several pounds each. I will be particularly interested in this since my daughter is starting her first year of college in September. Looks like I might be buying a Kindle DX after all!

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