Amazon Kindle ups the ante to Firmware 2.3

Posted on November 24, 2009

Kindle 2 eBook ReaderAmazon has just announced on there website a major Feature Release for the Kindle 2 and DX to Software Firmware Update ver. 2.3. This update affects Kindle 2 (both International and Domestic) and the Kindle DX. The major highlights of this update for the Kindle 2 includes:

  • Built-in Native support for PDF files. No need to convert them. Send PDF documents directly to your Kindle (via your @Kindle address) or drag and drop PDF files from your computer to your Kindle (when connected via USB).
  • Longer battery life for Kindle - Only for the Global wireless units
  • Manual screen rotation for document viewing. Handy for Pictures, PDF files and web pages.

Kindle DX feature updates include:

  • Better cropping of PDF files
  • Screensaver mode extended delay from 5 minutes to 20 minutes so you can view your page longer.

There are links on the Amazon site to download the software updates manually but as of right now I am not having any luck with the Kindle 2 Domestic Software Link. Hopefully they fix this soon or otherwise I will need to wait unless the update comes wirelessly.

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