Amazon now Only sells the International Kindle 2 and drops price to $259!

Posted on October 22, 2009

kindle300Well it didn't take long for Amazon to realize there is no need to produce two different flavors of the Kindle 2. As of this morning, you can only buy the International version of the Kindle 2. They have also dropped the price of the K2i to the latest domestic version price of $259!

Recent buyers of the International version of the Kindle 2 reported on the Amazon forum of an email they received stating...

Good news! Due to strong customer demand for our newest Kindle with U.S. and international wireless, we are consolidating our family of 6" Kindles. As part of this consolidation, we are lowering the price of the Kindle you just purchased from $279 down to $259. You don't need to do anything to get the lower price--we are automatically issuing you a $20 refund. This refund should be processed in the next few days and will appear as a credit on your next billing statement.

Seems like Amazon is making adjustments fast and furious since the competition in the eReader market is heating up! I think it was a smart move by Amazon to credit these buyers. I wonder what Sprint (the wireless provider of the domestic Kindle 2) is thinking?!


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