Amazon Price Increase for Wireless Transfer of Personal Docs

Posted on April 30, 2009

coinsYesterday, Amazon quietly posted this Policy Update on their Kindle Blog. This did catch my attention since I do transfer many of my own personal documents to my Kindle 2, both wirelessly and via the USB cable.

The main difference is that Amazon will now start charge by the file size vs. each document sent starting May 4th. The old pricing structure was ten cents per doc sent wirelessly. The new price is fifteen cents per megabyte (MB). There still is now charge to use the Free kindle email account to transfer the converted document manually via the USB cable.

Now that price change may not sound like a lot but keep in mind that if you do convert large files and picture heavy PDFs, the price could cost you up to a $1 or more for the wireless transfer. That may cost more than some Kindle books.

So do the file size get bigger or smaller after they are converted?

I recently converted a 2.2MB PDF file (mostly text) I had and compared it to its coverted .AZW file. The converted file size was smaller at 1.4MB for a reduction of 36%. I am sure file compression does vary greatly on the source file and document type. So going under the assumption that Amazon will charge us for the 1.4MB file, the cost of this document to be wirelessly sent is 30 cents. This won't break my piggy bank but it is a price increase of 300%!

I am sure that Amazon is paying more for the wireless 3G network since the introduction of the Kindle 2. This new price change was implemented as a cost recovery measure which also leads me to believe that more and more people are using the Personal Document feature.

My suggestion to you is to utilize Amazon's free conversion and manually upload the document to your Kindle.

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