Are Kindle 2 owners feeling “sNOOKered”?

Posted on October 21, 2009

Nook eReaderAs a Kindle 2 owner from the initial release, I can't help but feel a little envious of the new features available on Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader. It seems that B&N has been lurking in and around the Kindle forums where many users have been making suggestions and they were taking good notes!

The most notable difference when comparing the Nook to the Kindle 2 is the color LCD navigational screen. For any Apple iPhone users like myself, this is a welcome addition. This navigational interface is more intuitive and colorful and less space is needed since there is no need for a qwerty keyboard. Features like the replaceable/rechargeable battery, direct PDF support, Wi-Fi Support, additional storage (up to 16GB) via the SD card slot and the ability to control the e-ink screen contrast are just a few things that Kindle 2 owners have been begging for.

Are there any cons to the Nook? Yes...for now.

As far as I know the Nook does not have any TTS (Text to Speech) capabilities. Although that might not be the case for long. The Nook uses the Android operating system which may open the door to third party developers and apps. But the real test for Barnes and Noble will be how well their wireless service works and they must be competitive in the area of pricing and the catalog of books available. That still remains to be seen.

To Amazon's credit, they have not been sitting on their laurels. The release of the Kindle DX and the Kindle 2i (International) were both made available this year along with some price drops. Unfortunately, I feel Amazon is rushing to try and gain world domination in the eReader market while overlooking the real features that users want.

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