Barnes & Noble eBooks are Back but Lacks any Love for the Kindle

Posted on July 22, 2009

bn_logoYesterday, Barnes & Noble announced they are back in the eBook business. B&N's marketing angle is that they will support multiple reading devices including the iPhone & Blackberry apps, the PC and MAC computers. They state more devices will be supported but for now there is no support for the Amazon Kindle.

It also looks like B&N will limit the cost of their eBooks to $9.99 or less. I ran a quick search on Amazon to compare some eBook prices and found several popular books where Amazon was charge up to $5 more for the same digital title. It will be interesting to see how Amazon responds to the additional competition but until B&N supports the Kindle product there is little incentive for Amazon to price match.


The price of the Amazon book below was at $14.99. Interesting enough, the price is now down to $9.99 (as of 7/25/99), the same price as Barnes and Noble. Coincidence or Competition?

Price Comparison:


Barnes and Noble

41210410Munson: The Life and Death of a Yankee Captain
Price: $9.99


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