B&N updates Nook to Version 1.2 – Now has Apple-like Icon Navigation

Posted on February 5, 2010

Barnes and Noble announced today a new software update for their Nook eReader to version 1.2. This is the second update since the initial release of the nook back in December.

The update includes several internal changes to help speed up the overall response rate to user actions and they also created one very noticeable change; color icon button navigation. These buttons are starting to look very similar to the iPhone app icons. My guess is that B&N will soon open up their OS to developers similar to what Amazon did and these buttons will allow support for more apps that can be moved back and forth with the touch screen. Other much needed improvements include optimization of battery life and sorting of personal documents and more.

This update will be pushed out wirelessly starting today and throughout the following week. If you can't wait (like me), then you can also manually update your nook by following the Instructions on their website. This is what I did and you will notice a few status screens that you never saw before (see below) but don't be alarmed.

Nook update status screens

click to enlarge

The instructions say after you copy the update file to your Nook and disconnect from your computer, it will automatically update. I waited about 4 minutes and the update didn't start. I finally turned the unit off and restarted it and then within a minute I saw a status that the file was decompressing and installing the update. It really isn't hard to manually update your unit so don't bother waiting for the wireless update.

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