Buddy…can you spare a dime?

Posted on April 1, 2009

dimeRemember back in the day when making a local call at a public phone cost you only ten cents? Those were the days and it seems that Amazon could still be reminiscing.

A very useful feature of the Kindle is the ability to email Amazon a personal document and have it converted to a Kindle compatible format for your viewing. They even give you a special email address to send your documents (i.e. YourID@kindle.com). Nothing fulfills your need for instant gratification then to see your document converted and wirelessly sent to your Kindle for your reading pleasure.

But there is a catch...

Amazon charges you ten cents for each emailed document that is converted and wirelessly sent to your Kindle. That might not seem like a lot but it can add up if you use this feature a lot like myself. Amazon accrues these fees until your balance hits $3 and then charges your credit card.

So you can do one of two things. Call someone who cares (just kidding) and continue to pay the fee or use the free email account (i.e. YourID@free.kindle.com). Sending a document to Amazon with this free email account will have it converted and you will receive an email notification to download it to your computer. Once downloaded you can transfer it to your Kindle via the USB connection.

It is up to you to decide if the convenience factor of wirelessly transferring of your personal docs is worth ten cents each. I like the ability of having both options.

Note: I did try to see if I could use the Kindle browser to retrieve the file directly from my web email account but it didn't work because the link is a redirect to the Amazon website and not a direct link to the file. I guess Amazon was too smart for that trick!

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