EDM Kindle vs. Nook – Round 2: Extended Warranties

Posted on January 11, 2010

eReader Death Match (EDM)

Round 2: Extended Warranties

When considering making the investment of an eBook reader, it's always good to know what the standard manufacturer's warranty is and if they offer an extended warranty.  Both the Amazon Kindle  and the Barnes & Noble nook offer an extended warranty. Extended warranties are essentially an insurance policy for the device. Both companies offer the same third party coverage plan from Net Solutions, LLC and the terms of service are almost identical (practically word for word) as is the length of the policy, which is 2 years. This '2 year warranty' may confuse buyers since this actually only extends the standard 1 year warranty an extra year but does throw in accidental coverage (in case you drop it) which is not included in the standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

So what are the differences between Amazon and B&N eReader extended warranties?

  1. The Price: Amazon Kindle 2 Extended Warranty: $65.00 vs.
    Barnes and Noble Nook Extended Warranty: $69.95
  2. Time of Purchase: The only way you can purchase the extended warranty for the nook is at the same time you purchase the device. Amazon gives you up to 30 days after buying your Kindle 2 to purchase the extended warranty.

Round Two Winner: Amazon Kindle

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