First Thoughts: Kindle for PC

Posted on November 10, 2009

Kindle for PC BetaKindle for PC is now available for use...No Kindle Required.

After you install the software and link it to your account it will show up in the Computer and Mobile Device Section under the Manage Your Kindle page. If you install the software on multiple computers and link it to the same account it will add each installation as a separate device. This is interesting since Amazon does have a limit on the number of devices you can link to the same account (I believe the max is 7 devices). I already have two kindles, two PCs and an iPhone linked to my account...and that is just for myself. A larger family could easily max out their account devices.

Another issue I noticed after installing Kindle for PC is the lack of support for multiple accounts on the same PC install. This means if you share a PC and with your spouse you can only use one Amazon account to access your books. This is a problem if your spouse has their own Amazon account and wants to access their books on the PC. I assume this can be avoided if both you and your spouse have separate Windows Login profiles, but I wasn't able to test this out yet.

The software does show some promise and I believe there will be strong demand for Kindle for PC even though there are some key features missing. Amazon announced some features that may show up in future releases such as:

  • Create notes and highlights
  • Search for keywords in a book
  • Zoom and rotate images

The interface and controls are simple, clean and easy to use. I also like the quick links to the Kindle Store, Buy a Kindle Reader and Manage Your Kindle under the Menu button.

Overall I think this is a good first release. I look forward to future updates and added features. What are your thoughts? Tell me what features you would like to see included in a future release by adding a comment below.

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