Google’s New eBook Store is Nook Friendly ~ Kindle Not!

Posted on December 6, 2010

Google announced today that it has unveiled its new Google eBook Store with over 3 million titles (both free and paid). Amazon should be taking this threat seriously since this will be a direct threat to their eBook business. Google store utilizes Adobe Editions in ePub and PDF format for their eBook formats. Coincidentally, these eBooks are not Kindle device friendly. Barnes and Noble Nook owners will be happy to know that their devices are more open and can read books from the from the Google Bookstore. The Google eBooks can also be read on a computer, Android enabled tablets & phones and via apps for the iPhone & iPad.

Buying a book is as simple as logging into your Google account and confirming the purchase. While the Google eBookstore may not be as full-featured and polished as the Amazon Bookstore, they can surely compete with them on price.

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