How to Eject your Kindle 2 Safely

Posted on April 7, 2009

Have you ever noticed that somewhat cryptic message when you connect your Kindle 2 to a computer?

If you want to use your Kindle and continue charging, please eject your Kindle from your computer.

This message makes sense for computer tech geeks (like myself) but may be a little confusing for the "Average Joe". Nowhere does it explain if ejecting means the same thing as unplugging it. What happens if you unplugged when really meant to eject? Should you be ready to catch the Kindle when it does eject? Just kidding of course! So many questions and all you want is a straight answer.

Hopefully this quick tutorial will help you understand how you can eject your Kindle safely from your computer (Windows XP was used for this example).

As I said before whenever you plug your Kindle 2 to your computer via the USB cable you should see the following screen. You will not be able to read any books or navigate the Kindle menu when you see this screen.

click photo to enlarge

click photo to enlarge

Your Kindle will charge in this state and allows you access to transfer files back and forth from your computer via Windows Explorer. When connected, a drive letter will automatically be assigned on your computer that represents the Kindle device. Ejecting the Kindle 2 will allow it to stay plugged into the computer to continue charging but gives you viewing access to read your books.

First, you will need to know which drive letter your Kindle 2 has been assigned before you can eject it. The easiest way to access the Windows Explorer program is to move the mouse pointer over the Start menu button and right-click the mouse button. Choose Explore to open up Windows Explorer. In the left window pane, select My Computer or scroll down to identify which drive letter has been assigned to your Kindle (drive G in this example)

click picture to enlarge

click picture to enlarge

Now you are ready to eject your Kindle. Look at the Windows Taskbar Icons (near the time clock) for the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon.
Safely Remove Hardware

Left click this icon and select the drive letter that your Kindle is assigned to Safely Remove (Eject) the USB Storage Device. Your Kindle 2 device should now be ejected and the drive letter on your computer will disappear.

Now the Kindle 2 display should go back to the standard view so you can view your kindle books while it continues to charge. You can also disconnect your Kindle 2 from the computer at any time by removing the USB cable.

Click photo to enlarge

Click photo to enlarge

Caution: It is recommended that you Eject your Kindle 2 before disconnecting it to make sure any data transfers between the Kindle and computer are completed first. This will help prevent the potential of corrupting files.

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34 Responses to “How to Eject your Kindle 2 Safely”

  1. Julie
    Aug 29, 2009

    I was thrilled with my new Kindle 2, received two days ago. Everything was explained, was illustrated, was soooo easy. Then, eager to download a free book, I plugged the USB cord into the computer.
    That enigmatic message appeared. Eject? Keep charging? This was totally without meaning.

    “Eject” means to physically push out. “Keep charging” means to “Keep the cord connected.” Two opposite things. I raged for two days. I even bought a book over Whispernet (a very good deal, by the way). I even managed to download, at last, a free book, but of course without the Kindle interactive screen.

    Then, last night, my geek son in law came over to explain and demonstrate, and I wrote down each step, amazed at the True Meanings.

    Now why on earth would Kindle be so user friendly and then suddenly assume the user knows even remotely what is happening in that crazy sentence?

    This morning just for grins I searched more specifically: “How to eject kindle from computer” (which specific search never occurred to me before because that oxymoron was so incomprehensible to begin with), and found this answer. Luckily it is a Kindle 2 site and I’ll be using it frequently.

    The Kindle 2 is a miracle. I adore it. Thank you.

    • Janet
      Feb 01, 2011

      This was so easy… and simple. I should have realized what it meant… It really is common sense in a way.


  2. Tiffany
    Dec 03, 2009

    Hi! Thanks for the detailed explanation. I just received my Kindle 2 yesterday and has been wondering what is meant by the message “eject the kindle from the computer”. :)

    • admin
      Dec 03, 2009

      Hi Tiffany,

      Glad the tutorial helped. Hope you enjoy your Kindle 2!


  3. Susan
    Jan 24, 2010

    So THATS what it means! DOH.

    Just got mine yesterday. I just unplugged it. Ooops.

  4. yona
    Sep 18, 2010

    such a confusing meessage…

  5. Kelli
    Oct 12, 2010

    Thank you so much! I have tried for a week to figure this out!

  6. Beth
    Oct 19, 2010

    Just thought you would want to know, your information worked just fine for the DX version also. Thanks for the post.

  7. Heidi
    Nov 18, 2010

    Didn’t work for me. Although kindle directory no longer showing up under explore – Kindle’s “USB drive mode page” still up – no books for me til charged I guess.

  8. Marci
    Nov 23, 2010

    Thank you for the information. I wanted to download mp3 and got the message to eject to continue. Since I didn’t know what to do, I googled ejecting the kindle. Voila!

    • admin
      Nov 24, 2010

      Marci – I’m am glad you found the information helpful! Dave

  9. Wendy
    Dec 28, 2010

    Thank you!!

  10. Wade
    Jan 01, 2011

    Thanks for the information. I was curious as to how this was accomplished. I find it frustrating, and hard to believe, that there was no hard copy user manual supplied with these units. They do so many different things, and I’m constantly looking up answers on the computer. It is not very user friendly.

    The other day I had the USB cord hooked up, and was lead to believe this was for charging purposes only. We are not in a Wifi zone, so we had to drive to a place to get connected, then still had trouble downloading a book. After coming home, and getting on the computer again to search for an answer, I stumbled on how to use the USB properly. I was very close to buying a wireless router and upgrading to hi-speed in order to use the Kindle. Never have I found such a complicated, wonderful, and popular item without a supplied manual. I’m thinking it was done to save money, but it sure wastes my time and is frustrating!

    • admin
      Jan 01, 2011

      Hi Wade,

      Congrats on your kindle purchase. Yes, the user manual is only supplied in digital format, but I guess that kinda makes sense since this is a digital eReader. Most of the answers to your questions can be found online and Amazon has excellent customer support if you can’t get the answers you need.

      Happy New Year!


  11. Jon
    Jan 26, 2011

    That is great information…very thorough and easy to follow. It does leave out one element. For Windows 7 and Vista users it does not work. For Windows 7 and Vista, to eject, you have to take the following steps:

    1. Left click on Start
    2. Left click on Computer
    3. You should see your Kindle in the list of devices. Right click on that and
    4. Click on eject.

    Simple enough even I could do it.

    Thanks for putting this page out there.


    • susan
      Aug 24, 2012

      thank you so much for that.i was trying and trying,then decided to scroll down the comments to see if i was the only idiot.thanks jon.

  12. Julia
    Jan 31, 2011

    Dave, thank you so much for such a clear, non-condescending explanation. So helpful!

    • admin
      Feb 01, 2011

      Hi Julia, I’m glad you liked it! Dave

  13. Kim
    Feb 20, 2011

    Thanks so much for both methods. I did try the safely remove hardware which did not work so I did a google search which got me to the win 7 and vista solution.



  14. Michael
    Mar 03, 2011

    Eject – thanks fro the info – have gone through the steps and Kindle no longer shows in teh hardware list – BUT it still stays with the same screen – any ideas on how to get the kindle access without actually unplugging?

  15. Laurie
    May 15, 2011

    Thanks Jon. I have windows 7 and ejected it the other way and it did not work. I then unplugged the usb cord, plugged it back into my Kindle and was able to eject it via your method.

  16. Robyn
    May 18, 2011

    I was confused too. So I guess Kindle 3 will handle this differently. Thanks for the advice. Laurie at the end, finally provided me with the answer. Cheers

  17. Nan
    May 19, 2011

    new kindle, after eject, no longer shows on computer but screen on kindle does not change… any other suggestions? Thanks in advance

  18. Jules
    May 20, 2011

    Just want to say thanks for that tutorial!! I knew what ejecting meant, I just didn’t know how to do it!!

  19. Jan
    May 23, 2011

    This was very helpful – I was really confused until I Googled this and found your post. Thanks for helping us non-geeks.

  20. Jo-Anne
    Jun 17, 2011

    I notice that in the booklet that comes with my Kindle, there’s a “tip” that tells me I can keep using it while I’m charging. Thanks to helpful people like you, I actually CAN keep using it while I’m charging.

  21. cindi
    Nov 26, 2011

    I just got my new kindle. I charged it over night. Then unplugged it without first ejecting it. The screen looked like broken glass. i then plugged it back in and the screen said “If you want to use your Kindle and continue charging, please eject your Kindle from your computer”. I safely ejected it, but the “If you want to use your Kindle and continue charging, please eject your Kindle from your computer” message does not go away. i tried pressing different buttons to get it to do something, but it does not. How do I get off this screen?

  22. Patricia
    Dec 25, 2011

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  23. jes
    Jan 13, 2012

    THANK YOU for walking me through this simple, but well hidden, task. I knew it was somewhere, but had no idea where to start looking.

  24. Tommy
    Jan 06, 2013

    How do you safely eject a kindle from a Mac??

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  26. Marta hayward
    Feb 10, 2016

    I am still confused. I am 2000 miles from my computer and this just came up while charging it. I have been gone for 3 weeks already and still have another 2 weeks. What can I do?? Please advise me. I need my books. Marta Hayward

  27. Marta hayward
    Feb 10, 2016

    Help. I am 2ooo miles from my computer. How do I get rid of this message? I turned it off last nite and charged it and got this message this morning. How do I get my books back.

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