How to Sell a used Kindle Reader- Part 1

Posted on June 14, 2009

ForSale2This is the first article of a four part series.

There will come a day when you will decide to part with that beloved Kindle of yours. It could be that you have been eyeing a newer model like the Kindle 2 or the bigger Kindle DX. It might be that your Kindle isn’t working anymore or you just lost interest in using it. Whatever the reason, you have several options in how to sell it.

Selling Options:

  • Gift it – While you will not receive money for giving away your Kindle for free, the expression on someone’s face who received it would be priceless.
  • Donate it – There are many organizations and charities that would be happy to receive your Kindle as a donation. Be sure to get a receipt so you can use it as a tax write-off. Always consult with your accountant first to make sure the proper steps are taken.
  • Friends and Family – Selling a kindle to someone you already know is very convenient but not without warning! Always consider the risk of something going wrong and how it could potentially strain your relationship. Sometimes this option is just not worth it but if you are then I suggest letting them use it for a trial week to see if they like it before they buy it.
  • eBay Trading Assistant – These are experienced eBay sellers who provide full service selling of your items on consignment. The process is very easy and generally yields higher sales but you will pay a commission plus fees which offsets the higher sold value.
  • Online Venues – Ecommerce websites like eBay and Amazon are a great way to sell your kindle for top dollar. It will cost you some money in transaction fees to use these kinds of services and there are many rules and options that can make it confusing.
  • Classified Ads – These ads can be in print in a local newspaper which cost money or free online services like Craigslist and Kijiji.
  • Forum Boards – There are several forums discussion boards that are specifically targeted to the kindle product line that allow “For Sale” posts. The most popular ones that I would recommend are Kindleboards & KindleForum. Always be sure to post it in the appropriate sections and read the board rules so you do not upset the owners/moderators.
  • Trade for Cash – There are companies/websites that will buy your kindle for cash. One of the largest online services that I know of is Gazelle. These types of services offer a no hassle way of selling but typically at reduced price.

confusedAll of these options have their pros and cons and there really is a lot to consider. The first choices are quite easy to do and require little time. Selling online for yourself does require some technical skills, experience and time to maximize your profit potential. Local classifieds are easier but require interactions in person which can make people uncomfortable or turn out to be a big time waster.

Another big decision that you need to decide on is…how much should you sell your kindle for?

You can visit websites like Amazon and eBay to help determine the higher end of the selling prices and Gazelle for the lower end. Setting the purchase somewhere in between the two will be your best shot at selling it quickly. Or you can let the market decide the value by using an auction style listing on eBay.

Whatever method you try, honesty is the best policy. Using pictures (for online venues) of the actual item does help to sell it. Always explain your kindle’s condition and defects up front to prevent disputes later. If issues do arise, stay calm and do your best to resolve them. In the end, it is your integrity that should be most important to you…not the quick buck.

My Credentials

Here is a little info about my selling expertise (so you don’t think I just talk the talk). I have run a part-time eBay Consignment/Trading Assistant business for the last 6 years and have sold over 1,500 items online with gross sales totaling over $200,000. I have also sold many more items using craigslist and other services. I have sold eight kindle 1 & 2 readers in the last 3 months using several of these methods.

Next in this series…How to sell your Kindle on eBay.

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  1. Darren
    Oct 31, 2012

    we have a lot of Kindle fire in stock, as well as Kindle 3, Kindle 4 and Kindly touch, we want to sell them out.

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