Kindle 2.0.2 breaks the 'hidden' picture viewer!

Posted on March 25, 2009

Looks like I ran into an unpleasant surprise tonight. The undocumented picture viewer that exists in both the original Kindle and the newer Kindle 2 seems to no longer work on my Kindle 2 since the new firmware upgrade to 2.0.2. I know this feature was working before the firmware upgrade because I had some nice pictures of Colorado on it.

My jpg pictures are stored in a subfolder called "colorado" under the "pictures" folder which I created. Pressing the [ALT][Z] keys still scans the pictures folder and shows my subfolder name in the menu listing. Unfortuneatly, when I click into the folder it trys to select the first image (image name is displayed on the top menu bar) but the picture itself is not displayed. I even deleted and uploaded different images with no luck. It seems like the firmware update broke the picture viewer. I would love to hear if anyone else is having the same problem. Please post a comment. Thanks.

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4 Responses to “Kindle 2.0.2 breaks the 'hidden' picture viewer!”

  1. Tim
    Mar 26, 2009

    I have one picture in my folder and I can view it after the firmware update. I just noticed the new version this morning.

  2. admin
    Mar 27, 2009

    Tim – Thanks for the comment. I still haven’t had much luck getting the picture viewer to work properly. Since this isn’t a documented feature, I doubt I will get much support to try and fix it. I will try and post the problem on the Amazon Kindle forum. – Dave

  3. JRM
    Apr 07, 2009

    Hi Dave, I have multiple picture directories on my K-2 running 2.02. I double checked all after seeing your post and I have no problem with any of them. I wondered if you have tethered you K-2 and checked the directories again on your pc to verify the files are still there and viewable from the pc? J.

  4. admin
    Apr 07, 2009

    Hi J, I was able to fix my problem by doing a hard reboot. Now it is working perfectly. Thanks. – Dave

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