Kindle 2.0.2 Update

Posted on March 21, 2009

Kindle Firmware 2.02One nice feature of the Kindle's Whispernet wireless network is Amazon's ability to push out firmware upgrades to your Kindle 2 device automatically. This eliminates the need for user interaction and keeps your Kindle 2 running with the latest features and improvements.

Amazon just rolled out a new Firmware update  (version 2.0.2) to the Kindle 2 reader this past week. I haven't seen any official word from Amazon on what changed but according to Cnet News it mostly affects the refreshing between page changes and pixel ghosting.

I have noticed a big improvement with the refreshing. Before the update the screen would sometimes "flash" refresh several times to display the next page (especially when displaying pictures). Now it seems to refresh the page only once and is a little quicker too.  As far as the ghosting goes, I still see on occasion a very light image of pixels from the previous page. This seems to be more pronounced when switching from a page with dark images to a text page. I do have to look closely to see it but it doesn't have any negative affect on me reading the page.

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  1. Curtis Berrien
    Apr 13, 2009

    I think 2.02 may also have improved whispernet reception. I have two Kindle 2’s and was in a remote area with poor wireless reception. My Kindle with 2.0 could not connect, the one that had 2.02 installed connected easily and received transmitted content.

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