Kindle DX Graphite: New Look – New Price

Posted on July 2, 2010

If you've been on the fence about buying a Kindle DX because of price...wait no longer. Amazon just released the new Kindle DX Graphite with a price tag of $379! I really like this color scheme because it won't show dirt marks and is easier on the eyes than the white model. Of course, you can still get the white Kindle DX at the lower price too!


Kindle DX has a 9.7" diagonal E-ink screen which is ideal for a broad range of reading material, including graphic-rich books, PDFs, newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Unlike backlit computer or LCD screens, Kindle DX's display looks and reads like real paper, with no glare. Free 3G wireless - no monthly payments, no annual contracts. Download books anywhere, anytime. Eight adjustable text sizes, perfect for large print reading Long battery life. Read for two to three weeks on a single charge. Carry and read personal or business documents, including PDFs Massive book selection. Lowest prices. Over a million titles less than $9.99.


  • Free 3G Wireless


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  2. Jandia
    Sep 09, 2010

    Sehr interessant. Kommt hier noch ein weiterer Beitrag? Möchte sehr gern mehr darüber wissen. Könntest du mir per E-Mail antworten?

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