Kindle Goes Global and Cuts Prices!

Posted on October 7, 2009

Amazon just officially announced yesterday an International Version of their Kindle 2 which is available now for $279 (pre-order) and will start shipping October 19th. This new International kindle is available in the USA and 100 other countries and uses AT&T as the global wireless provider. Now you can travel or live in other countries throughout the world and still be able to buy books wirelessly.

Amazon also announced that they are immediately slashing the price of the domestic version Kindle 2 to just $259 from the last adjusted price of $299. This is great news for anyone who was sitting on the fence about buying an ebook reader. I am sure Amazon was feeling the pressure of the many new eBook readers that are coming to market but they have been quick to respond and will remain number 1 now that they are expanding Internationally and are staying competitively priced.

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