Benefits of Owning a Kindle 2

Save Space, Money & Trees

The Amazon Kindle 2 can hold approximately 1,500 books in a footprint less than the size of one book! It would take seven 72" high x 36" wide (5 shelf) bookcases to hold that many books. Unless you wanted a library in your home, it is easy to see the benefit of owning a Kindle 2. Plus you can always feel good about helping the environment by saving a few trees.

books Most books on Amazon are typically discounted 50% or more. So if you averaged a $6 savings (conservative) for each book, the Kindle would pay for itself after 60 books. If you bought 250 books over the life of your Kindle 2 you would save typically over $1,100 (even after buying the Kindle 2) and still have room for more books, music and pictures.