Make Great Nook Color Wallpaper Images

Posted on January 5, 2011
Custom NookColor Wallpaper

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Customizing your eReader is all the rage! Why not do it right?

For more than a year, Kindle and Nook eReader owners have been adding their own screensavers and wallpapers to their B/W eInk devices. There are websites and online forums dedicated to sharing these images including our own Free eReader Screensavers offering. Many of these are great but sometimes you will want to use your own picture.

The new Barnes & Noble Nook Color eReader allows you to personalize it by adding your own full color background wallpaper. The Nook Color does not have a screensaver quickly dims and turns off the screen when not in use.

Pick an Image

Choosing an image may the the toughest part of this process. The Nook Color only supports one wallpaper image to be used. So here are some suggestions.

  • Pick an image that looks good in Portrait View or can be cropped using photo editing software.
  • Composition is important and can make the image more visually appealing. See the Rule of Thirds for more information.
  • The upper left-hand corner displays the clock when waking up the Nook. Try to keep that area less "busy". See photo below. Sometimes "Flipping" the image horizontally can do the trick.
Nook Color Wallpaper

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Edit the Image

The final output size of your image must be 1024 pixels high x 600 pixels wide. This will prevent any kind of clipping or distortion when viewing it on your nook color.

The screen resolution is 169 PPI (Pixels Per Inch). Without trying to get too technical, cameras have all kinds of settings for resolution and effects. The best option is to take photos in the highest resolution and resample them down to a lower resolution. This will help prevent loss of clarity.

Depending of your photo editing software, you may or may not be able to save the image at exactly 169 pixels per inch. I use a professional product called Adobe Photoshop to Adjust, Crop and Resample my photos. Most people don't have access or the need for this type of software, plus it is quite expensive to own.

There are many good "Free" software products that can do most of the basics of Image editing including some filtering tools for adjusting color, resizing, cropping, etc. I suggest you take a look at the follow two tools made freely available thanks to Google.

If you need help on how to use these tools then search YouTube for video tutorials on just about anything you want to do.

Just keep in mind that you want to crop and save the image to the exact dimension of 1024 pixels high x 600 pixels wide. If you cannot specify the pixels or dots per inch then don't worry too much about that. Most likely it will save to 72 dots per inch (72 DPI a web viewing standard). The lower DPI/PPI may result in a slight loss of clarity but anything higher than 169 DPI/PPI will just make the image file size larger than it needs to be with no noticeable improvement when viewed on your nook color. Image format should be saved as a .JPG format and then uploaded to your nook color eReader using the supplied USB cable.

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9 Responses to “Make Great Nook Color Wallpaper Images”

  1. Tony
    Jan 22, 2011

    Ahem.. actually the correct size for a nook color’s screen is 750×1024…

    • Jim
      Jan 31, 2011

      What is your source of information on this? I’ve read several tech specs from fairly reliable source (i.e. CNET) which all claim a resolution of 1024×600. I think you are wrong sir.

  2. Andy
    Feb 01, 2011

    1024 x 600 is the size of the display. The home screen allows scrolling to the left and right to show your magazines, newspapers, and books in three separate areas. So, this allows some room for the wallpaper to be wider than 600 pixels. The stock wallpapers are about 750 pixels wide.

    If you create a wallpaper that is 600 pixels wide, there will be no scrolling when you swipe the home screen left or right. The stock wallpapers scroll a little in each direction. You can even create wallpaper that is 1800 pixels wide and have three full screens of an image display. I have done this and it works quite well. Check out It contains a desktop application that can manage your wallpapers for you.

    • admin
      Feb 06, 2011

      Hi Andy,

      You are correct in the wallpaper sizes. I too started playing around with 3 image wallpapers. I might add a new post with some examples. Thanks for your comment.


    • Doug
      May 14, 2011

      I have imported pictures through my computer, but sometimes they don’t seem to follow my scrolling. I realized that pics. probably need to be jpeg, but I am not aware if I need to size them (photoshop) so that I may see the gallery as the same size as the pre-loaded one. I just want to be able to scroll through a number of images when visiting friends.

      Any Help would be appreciated.

  3. evee
    Jun 16, 2012

    Tony, for the size, is tht width*length or length*width?

  4. ptah
    Jun 19, 2012

    This does not work for Nook Color. You can crop an image to 600 x 1024 dpi and the fucking thing keeps showing zoom window half the size of the image.

    • Angela
      Aug 06, 2012

      I thought so too and got frustrated but you can “pinch” and zoom out the bounding box that first appears– took me two fingers and some fumbling but works.

  5. linda
    Dec 06, 2012

    seriously i think B&N did this on purpose so that they can sell wallpaper? come on alot of us been trying to figure out how to stop this annoying force to crop any image size even it’s nook color display size 1024×600.

    God it’s so annoying even with the nookcolor wallpaper itself it force you to crop the picture. Someone in the team or the TEAM from B&N Nook Color Screw up with this update. I think they were trying to add a cool crop-able feature but mess up.

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