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Will Barnes and Noble Stores be Nookless this Christmas?

November 9, 2009 No comments yet

I decided to visit the newest Barnes & Noble store in Eatontown, NJ (adjacent to Monmouth Mall) that recently had their Grand Opening late last week. This is a very large store with bright lighting, friendly staff and of course the in-store Starbucks coffee house. I was looking for any signs, posters or announcements of […]

Add a little Mystery to your Kindle

August 9, 2009 No comments yet

If you are like me, nothing compares to a good mystery. To help facilitate the need for the curious, I am in the process of redoing the Kindle Bookstore page in our Store Page. Here is a sneak preview of one feature you will find there in not so distant future… Click on the image […]

Best Selling items in our Kindle Store for July

August 1, 2009 No comments yet

Thought you might be interested in knowing what our visitors are looking for and bought (in July 2009) when they visit our Kindle Store. Below is just a sampling of the most popular items bought through our site. Kindle Hardware Kindle Books Kindle Covers Kindle Skins Kindle Accessories Miscellaneous Something Totally Random You just never […]

Kindle Blog Publishing Makes Cents – Getting Started Guide

May 16, 2009 2 comments

Amazon just released an easy to use beta of their Blog Publishing Tool for the Kindle platform. In about 5 to 10 minutes you can setup an account and add as many quality blogs as you like. The revenue model isn’t earth shattering but it can add a little extra income if people subscribe. Blogs […]

Now you see it…Now you don't

May 15, 2009 No comments yet

Many of the books that have been available in Kindle Store are suddenly unavailable for purchase. One example of this is Stephen King’s “The Stand”. The reason for this is that publishers are pulling their books off the virtual bookshelf to disable the Text-To-Speech option. If you do run into this situation, an updated edition […]