The little Nook that could…drive more traffic to B&N Stores

Posted on October 28, 2009

bn-storeThe one major difference between Barnes & Noble (B&N) and Amazon is that B&N has retail stores throughout the United States. While Amazon is one of the world’s largest (online only) ecommerce sites, it may actually be at a disadvantage when it comes to selling eBook readers.

Book buyers know what to expect when buying a dead tree book, but many are unfamiliar with these relatively new eBook Readers like the Kindle and Nook. It is no surprise that book lovers have been slow to adapt to using these electronic devices given the cost and lack of choices. Well that is quickly about to change.

Starting November 30th, B&N will be selling their Nook eBook Reader both online and in many of their retail stores. This is a huge advantage since existing customers will now be able to see and feel the Nook before actually having to purchase one. It also exposes existing store customers to the Nook reader who might not have considered buying one before.

If Barnes and Noble plays it smart, they can market these devices to drive more traffic to their stores in the following ways:

  • Live Demonstrations of the Nook at various store locations.
  • “Hands-On” Store Demo units for customers to try out the device and features before they buy.
  • Various Nook accessories for sale in the retail stores.
  • Exclusive books, periodicals & special sales page that is only available via the Nook using the Wi-Fi connection at B&N store locations.
  • Sponsor Nook owner “Meet & Greet” group meetings at store locations to share information, books and create a loyal following.

If B&N implements just a few of these suggestions, I believe they will generate more sales of the Nook eBook Reader while also generating more traffic to their stores. More traffic means more sales of additional products and services like in-store Starbucks coffee, dead tree books and magazines.

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