The Saint – Kindle Single Book

Posted on April 5, 2011

Amazon recently released a new book format called Kindle Singles. In Amazon's own words...a Kindle Single is:

Each Kindle Single presents a compelling idea--well researched, well argued, and well illustrated--expressed at its natural length.

Here is a new release worth reading that is getting 5 star ratings!

The Saint (Kindle Single) The Saint (Kindle Single)


“This is going to be an adventure,” James says presciently. “I have a feeling both of us are going to be very different after this.” And so it proves, as one jaded New Yorker is swept by a spiritually radiant revolutionary on a journey of transformation, from the narcissistic bubble of New York City to the sweeping vistas of the Dhauladhar mountains in northern India. Along the way the mismatched duo cross paths with rogue Chinese agents, the incensed descendents of Mahatma Gandhi, and ultimately the Dalai Lama himself. A gripping blend of action, intelligence, and insight."This small, extraordinary book has more to say about life, disappointment, New York, Tibet, India, the holy, and the profane, than most other books could say in ten times as many pages. Oliver Broudy's astounding, funny, harrowing, and finally quite sad experience with a millionaire philanthropist and arch eccentric--a man as saintly as he is demonic--is conveyed in prose as startling as cold water. This is a book I deeply envy, a book I will read again--probably immediately."—Tom Bissell, author of Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter"With the intrepidity of a classic explorer, Broudy journeys to the border between India and Tibet to demarcate the fine line between saintliness and selfishness. 'The Saint' abounds with intelligence and insight, mapping a uniquely memorable route on the never ending quest for personal fulfillment." —Myla Goldberg, author of Bee Season


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