The Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-900BC

Posted on February 9, 2010

Sony has finally released their first wireless eBook reader known as the Daily Edition. Reviews have been mixed and the price is in between the Kindle 2 & DX but for some, Sony is the brand to own. I also like the 7" screen which to me hits the sweet spot between a Kindle 2 and DX. The Sony Daily Edition is also supports an industry standard ePub format (ePub eBooks available at many websites and sometimes at your local library) and has a replaceable battery. Sony is still not as strong as Amazon in their bookstore offerings, but you can purchase books at many other websites. If product quality is your main concern then this eReader may be the answer.

Sony PRS900BCKIT Reader Daily Edition (Black) Sony PRS900BCKIT Reader Daily Edition (Black)

Sale Price: $98.99



Reader Daily Edition is optimized for newspapers and offers periodical content in an easy-to-read format. Wirelessly download eBooks and ePeriodicals. E Ink Vizplex screen technology delivers a paper-like display thats more like ink on paper and fully readable in direct sunlight. Use the included stylus to take freehand notes and highlight sections of text you want to revisit later, or bring up the virtual keyboard to enter quick notes or searches. Reader Daily Edition features a 7 LCD touch-screen with 600 x 1024 pixels, six adjustable font sizes, and 16-level gray scale. Digital book with free 3G mobile broadband supports multiple formats: PDF, MS Word, BBeB Book, ePub and more. 1.6GB of onboard memory is expandable using memory stick Pro or SD card. Single battery charge lasts 7 days (12,000 page turns) with wireless on. Digital book uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (DC 3.7 V) and includes battery pack, USB cable, AC adapter, soft cover and zippered case.


  • Free 3G wireless access - Wirelessly browse, purchase and download content on the go or while lying in bed.
  • Elegant 7 display with touch screen - Simple, easy-to-use touch screen navigation.
  • Access books & newspapers wirelessly on the go - Approx. 1.6GB of onboard memory lets you carry hundreds of your favorite books
  • Portrait or landscape viewing - Read comfortably in either portrait or landscape orientation
  • Six adjustable font sizes to customize your reading - Ability to resize text


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2 Responses to “The Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-900BC”

  1. David Wooten
    Aug 13, 2010

    I had to return my Sony Reader PRS900 after only 5 months. An area of the screen suddenly would not show text and it was right down the middle of the screen – as though someone took an eraser an ran it straight down the screen leaving streaks and blank space. Resets, soft and then hard, made no difference. Took it back to vendor and got full refund though (store credit). The price has dropped $150 so I’ll have that much left over after I purchase another one. Hope I have better luck with a new one.

    • admin
      Aug 13, 2010

      Hi David,

      Manufacturer defects do happen and it’s great you were able to return it and get a new one for a lot less. All of the best eReaders have had substantial price drops recently.

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