Will Barnes and Noble Stores be Nookless this Christmas?

Posted on November 9, 2009

Barnes & NobleI decided to visit the newest Barnes & Noble store in Eatontown, NJ (adjacent to Monmouth Mall) that recently had their Grand Opening late last week. This is a very large store with bright lighting, friendly staff and of course the in-store Starbucks coffee house.

I was looking for any signs, posters or announcements of the upcoming Nook eBook Reader and found none to my dismay. So I finally approached one of their staff to inquire about it and saw that the employee was wearing a Nook button on their outfit. I asked if they were going to have them for sale in the store. I was informed that they would but the in-store release date was pushed back to Dec. 11th. Even then, she couldn't guarantee that they would arrive on that date because the stores were already delayed once or twice.

Seems like the pre-order demand has been quite high which may be the reason why the stores are not getting them sooner. I guess this is all good for B&N, but I think they would be missing a huge opportunity if they miss this holiday season. At least they have been receptive to user complaints about their eBook pricing when compared to Amazon. B&N recently announced price drops on thousands of eBooks. I did a quick comparison check and they are now in-line with Amazon's pricing for most books (especially best sellers) which will help them sell more Nooks. I guess we will have to wait and see if Santa has time for an early delivery!

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